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JavaScript Training Module

JavaScript applications have grown increasingly complex. This course will teach you the basics of writing modular, maintainable JavaScript using popular formats, loaders, and bundlers.

No matter if you have some or no experience, our programs are built for adult learners looking to progress their career. CAXTEK’s Trainings programs will make you job-ready today and credentialed along the way. Now you don’t have to wait years to change your future.

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CAXTEK Trainings

CAXTEK Trainings contribute in lives of students beginners professional to enhance their skills & connect with projects.

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CAXTEK Trainings Program

JavaScript Training Module

CAXTEK Certified Training Program

Duration: 03 Months
Total Sessions: 24 (2 sessions of 2hrs per week, Total: 48 hrs)

Days: Tuesday, Thursday
Timing: 02 PM to 04 PM UK Time

Training Plan & Crash Course Content (Each Session: 2hr, Total: 48 hrs + Project Mentorship hrs):

Location: Physical: Lahore, Pakistan Remote: Online

Week 1: Session 1: An introduction Session 2: JavaScript Fundamentals

Week 2: Session 3: Code quality  Session 4: Objects: the basics

Week 3: Session 5: Data types    Session 6: Advanced working with functions

Week 4:  Session 7: Object properties configuration  Session 8: Prototypes, inheritance

Week 5: Session 9: Classes  Session 10: Error handling

Week 6: Session 11: Promises, async/await  Session 12: Generators, advanced iteration

Week 7: Session 13: Modules         Session 14: Document

Week 8:  Session 15: Introduction to Events           Session 16: UI Events

Week 9: Session 17: Forms, controls          Session 18: Document and resource loading

Week 10: Session 19: Frames and windows           Session 20: Binary data, files

Week 11: Session 21: Network requests     Session 22: Storing data in the browser

Week 12:  Session 23: Animation    Session 24: Web components , Regular expressions

Week 13: Final Project Evaluations, Test+ Vivas, Result Announcement, Awards to Top Trainees & Certificates Distribution.

Investment Plan:
→ Organizational Investment: 199 USD (Total) (Free of cost for participants)
→ Participants Investment: 99 USD (Total) (Financial aid & Scholarships Available)

 Successful Training Program Completing Participants will be offered

→ Training Certificates
→ Paid Contractual Assignments and Job Offers


09 %  Started a new career after completing this specialization.


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CAXTEK Trainings

CAXTEK Trainings contribute in lives of students beginners professional to enhance their skills & connect with projects.

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